Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pinching Peanuts

Writer's block, writer's block I spurn thee!  In the absence of any other inspiration today I turned to Facebook and pinched these wise words, posted by my friend and ex-colleague, The Master of Love.   They spell out the dangers of fretting rather nicely.   It may be easier said than done to banish constant angst from life but that mindfulness stuff I harp on about every so often was the way that I did it.  Such powerful stuff!   It's not good to see Charlie Brown and Linus looking so glum.  Perhaps they would benefit from noticing their thoughts and not letting them run away with them.

That's better!   Here's an ebullient Snoopy, an icon which I often drew as a teenager.  I still use it to supplement the kisses when I sign off my messages to Ibiza Queen Vikki. Now Snoops is one cool guy.  When he's not expressing his joy by dancing, he's on top of his kennel chilling.  Not the actions of a worrisome dog at all.  It is my firm belief that he may have mindfulness sussed already.


  1. I usually take some words from To Kill a Mockingbird - "it's not time to worry yet Scout, I'll tell you when.

    Works for me.

  2. As a worrier, I find these words very helpful; Worry is a misuse of the imagination.