Thursday, 21 May 2015

Random Retail

The holiday atmosphere continued on the journey home from our course last night.  Given that there is an unholy wait for the Ikea store to be built in Exeter, the first in Devon we took the opportunity of stopping at the one at Wednesbury near Birmingham to fill our tummies full of meatballs and the boot of the car with bits and bobs.  I was on the specific mission to see what they had in the way of picture frames for the prints I'm making and planning to sell.  I came away with a 50cm x 50cm one that cost £8.  Some felt storage boxes, another cuddly rat for Lou that I'd promised him and a foldaway rucksack may have escaped the store too.    Ibiza Queen Vikki was very pleased with her faux zebra rug.  She'd be looking for something for the lounge for ages.

We sang our little hearts out all the way down to the services at Sedgemoor where we decided that a leg stretch and coffee was in order.   As it was too chilly for a walk outside we decided to peruse the shop.  Now this place could be the first stop for landlocked Midlanders escaping to the coast.  That explains the buckets, spades and wetsuits. Vikki thought the gardening equipment could be so that people could tend the areas around their caravans.  Tenuous but possibly feasible.  It doesn't explain the sheer horribleness of this solar operated owl.

Vikki thought that the exorbitant price of a pack of chocolates could well have been plucked out of the air by a random number generator.

Now I know I can be a little alternative but even I wasn't tempted to impulse buy a dreamcatcher.

Vikki thought that I had to buy an embossed silver initial for myself. Errrr no!   I'm going to have to apologise about the quality of the shots. They were taken in haste as I thought that I might be told off if the shop staff got a whiff of what I was up too.  In fact I didn't even take some of the pictures I thought.  I'm really disappointed that there's no record of the wall display of 'humorous' toilet signs.

There's more!  A garish tin frog or elephant tealight holder anyone?

Or how about table top air hockey? Now I know that a few games in the car might be useful to entertain the kids on a long journey but they'd struggle to set this up on the back seats.  Can you imagine the arguments?

What does this show?  Well it seems that with a captive audience,  retailers will try to sell you anything.  What's more this weirdly incongruous stuff is on sale because there must be a demand for it!


  1. Strange stuff...................for n awful moment I thought you had succumbed to the...ahem charms....of the solar owl:) .we too are miles from a swedish superstore well a 2 hr drive anyway, i had been wanting some bar stools and was lucky to find they could be delivered but shocked by the almost 3 week timeframe .........perhaps they are coming from Sweden???

  2. My late (Swedish) mother in law used to give me tins of sil for Christmas (sil is a type of sweet-n-sour pickled herring). I became addicted, but the only source I now know of is Ikea; and our nearest one is about 200 kms away. Woe is me!

    1. have you tried lidl ? they have a selection of flavoured fish not sure if its sild though

  3. Motorway services sell the most bizarre items. Those wretched pens/keyrings/coasters with your name and what it means printed on the side, ugly hats, bizarre garden ornaments... Are people so tired and braindead when they get there that they forget all sensible principles of budgetting? Everything s overpriced, poor quality...and then there is the matter of food choices... I am glad you could sing in the car though, that always helps. travelling blessings xx

  4. I have often wondered why those things are actually manufactured...