Saturday, 2 May 2015

RIP Troubled Soul

I shed tears because I cannot comprehend what human beings are able, as highly evolved sentient beings, to do to each other and then, yet more because of the compassion that one person can show another in their darkest moments.   A Brazilian man, Rodrigo Gularte was one of eight people executed by firing squad in Indonesia a few days ago.  Many of you may have already  heard that he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder yet was denied treatment for his condition. Calls for clemency on humanitarian grounds were rejected.  A Roman Catholic priest, Charlie Burrows, was with him before his death.  Only in the last moments before Gularte was killed, was he aware of what was going to happen to him.

The priest spent three days trying to explain to a man who, from the accounts, was experiencing severe hallucinations and delusion, that he was going to die.  In an attempt to provide comfort he told him.  'I'm 72 years old.  I'll be heading to heaven soon, so you find out where my house is, and prepare a garden for me'.

It brought to mind this clip from one of my favourite films.  In his final hours, Jack Celliers, a Japanese prisoner of war, finds solace in the imagery of a garden.  I hope that  through this priest's extraordinary act of kindness that Gularte did too.


  1. Yes I agree. The Indonesians also murdered two Australians in the same barbaric way. A priest and an artist. Two men who after ten years had rehabilitated and had so much to give to society. Shame.

  2. Perhaps the world should turn their back on Indonesia as they turned their back on humanity. My heart breaks for the 'innocent' murdered in this way - for they were murdered. And yet the guilty, and by guilty I mean the drug cartels and evil gangsters that arrange the smuggling, need to learn they cannot continue to 'murder' addicted people with their drug smuggling.
    Perhaps Rodrigo Gularte's name will be remembered in perpetuity as a miscarriage of justice. Please God.