Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Right Kind of Crazy

Picture:  Amazon
Ibiza Queen Vikki and I will be Devon bound later this afternoon as it's the last day of our course in Stafford.  We've worked hard and played pretty hard too.  Each night we've ended up  on the leather sofa in a lovely local, The Spittal Brook, just down the road from the hotel. Great food (though not on Sunday evening!)  a brilliant selection of beer and lovely bar staff and locals who made us really welcome.  What's there not to like?

There's a version of this print hanging in  the pub.  There the words were attributed to Steve Jobs but I think Jack Kerouac might have originally coined them.   That call to be different  to make a difference resonated with us.  But there's crazy and crazy.  We both agreed that, for it to work for the positive, there has to be a bedrock of sensibleness.  Good relationships, acknowledgement of responsibility, structure, boundaries know. Boring stuff like that.  For as we've been hearing from case examples  on our course, when craziness goes wrong things can go very pear shaped indeed.


  1. You nailed it-how to give in to silly, give way limiting inhibitions, be free to challenge the status quo, without leaving those around you scratching their hands to the point you've lost all credibility. A challenge, and why I stay guarded a little more than I should.

  2. It sounds more Kerouac than Jobs. Even with my current building project I find it difficult to get people to do things differently to how they've always done them; only when it's done can they see that such things are possible.