Saturday, 16 May 2015

Two Poets

Recently two lovely men who sing to me as I go about my life have brought out new albums.  Firstly there's 'Can't Forget:  A  Souvenir of the Grand Tour' from Leonard Cohen. Just watch this little clip that's featured to introduce a really cracking new  upbeat version of 'Tower of Song'.  It's  funny and further proof that this bloke should be remembered for his wit rather than being a miserable sod.

Passenger also has a new offering.  He's a prolific little soul.  Whispers II is filled with really sad tracks but then you do sometimes need melancholy, maybe as a reminder that suffering is part and parcel of the human condition and something we all face.  There's a version of this song, 'Words'. It's incredibly poignant and seems to sum up a quote  that I came across a few months back.  'If you have chemistry you only need one thing. Timing.  And timing's a bitch'.


  1. Cohen always makes me want to scream. I need UPBEAT.

    1. I'm not the hugest fan of his earlier work But love his work since the '80s when he cheered up! '

  2. I won't listen to either of those, I will either get depressed or find myself with an ear-worm - not worth the risk!