Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Common or Garden Mouse?

I've woken up extraordinarily tired this morning less than a week after I came back on holiday to charge my batteries.  This will never do!  Yesterday was one of those quiet paperwork days that turned  manic.  The phone didn't stop ringing and I had a two hour stint out in the middle of it to fetch Louis into the minor injuries unit at the hospital where I work.  Nothing serious.  Just an over cautious first aider at the school who thought his pinkie needed checking out after he'd crushed in a broken chair, as being a boy Lou suffers pain more acutely than women.  I think that he'd convinced him that his suffering was worse than childbirth.  After a bit of waiting out a humongous plaster was replaced by a tiny one.  Bit embarrassing yesterday.  Then  a pleasant night out in Plymouth to end the day in a relaxing way turned farcical in a restaurant where it took three hours to have a curry.    I'm afraid that the poor well meaning owner won't be in business for long.    I drove home exhausted, a bit past my bedtime and crawled under the sheets.  Aaargh!

Anyway the brain is not in gear so I can't get it together to think about a proper subject to write about today.  But can anyone tell me.  If you enlarge the picture on the left you'll see a little rodent scurrying next to the kerb?  We spotted this cutie in Plougerneau last.  Can anyone tell me if he's a plain old boring house mouse or something different? I'm sure that I could figure it out on the Internet myself but forgive me.  I'm feeling a little lazy!


  1. Too small to tell what it is... could be a tiny Vole.

  2. My it took a lot of looking and enlarging. I agree it looks awfully like a vole with its large back feet.

  3. I thought itIghtfield be but thanks for the confirmation guys