Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Perfect Piggy Product?

It's a long time since I've played Bingo but Louis persuaded me that I should join in at the campsite a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately our amassed winnings did not include our 2016 pitch fees.  Never mind. We did win a small tin of pate which  the entertainments manager enthused about.

Now it seems that David is not alone in his love of Hénaff pate which has 123K likes on Facebook. The Roscoff branch of  A L'Aise Briezh which sells a Breton inspired clothes and homeware has a whole range of Henaff  goodies. T-shirts, mugs, aprons, shopping bags.....

If the website isn't telling porkie pies, there's no reason to doubt that Henaff is a quality stuff made from prime ingredients.  Unless you don't eat pork what's there not to like?  I opened my tin with relish.

Behold a fine specimen of manhood in a piggy T-shirt!  If he went down on bended knee requiring a passion for  Henaff  in exchange for a marriage proposal, of course I'd lie my little socks off.  But honestly?  It wasn't my bag.   I think I was hoping for something coarser, more garlicky with a spicier punch. I found Henaff just 'nice', a bit too subtle for my liking.  It didn't blow me away and I so wanted it to.

That won't stop me trying other goodies with the same branding when I'm next in France.  After all I'm a sucker for a long established family company who make their products with love.   Let's hope they've got something that makes me want to sport my own Henaff Tee with pride!


  1. I've always associated them with 'mousse' style Paté. Like you, I prefer something coarser and more rustic.

  2. I've just read your 'Lend-with-care' piece. Do you have an update for us?

    1. I rarely get updates - just confirmation about repayment of the loan. I wonder if the admin costs would be increased if they collected that information. I'm still being repaid on schedule.

    2. I recently had an email from them, they have a new website and there is a section there called Entrepreneur Updates so you can trawl through and find your people, though it took me an age to find my four! Good luck!

  3. we have 3 cans of that in reserve. In case I end with a Margo and Jerry moment. When the Mr brings the boss or someone home from work and I have to have a TaDahhhhh moment.