Monday, 1 June 2015

A Tale of Two Pillboxes

Taking this shot of Louis cheekily peeking over the wall to get a butchers of this cleverly converted pillbox on the coast at Roscoff reminded me that  I'd  forgotten to tell  the tale of rather strange goings on.  A few weeks ago Ruff Stu, Mr Metrosexual and I went out for one of our usual evenings in Brixham.   Fish and chips in our harbourside haunt and a couple of drinks in a favourite tucked away pub.  During our little soirees they point out blokes that they think I should definitely make a move on and then I get told off for being too fussy as I'm not keen..... It's very Groundhog Day-esque.

Instead of our normal route home where I do an external inspection of my  future home we decided to take the longer scenic walk.  It's a leisurely meander along the coastline with twinkly views across Torbay and a twilight stroll through Battery Gardens ,an interesting place where there's a number of World War II coastal fortifications. Rather unusually we were having a jolly sensible grown up conversation,  about military architecture I believe.  As we came around a corner a super-bright  light emanated from one of the gun emplacements.   Inside the concrete structure a very well endowed lady with punky hair and studded underwear posed for photographs.  These were not your regular holiday snaps but there was a  full blown military fantasy  going on.   My!!!  It was like a scene from a long lost Beryl Cook work.   All grown up talk was curtailed and we giggled and snorted like stupid teenagers the rest of the way home.  The night was cold and  I worried that the poor girl would die her death. Thankfully Louis said that the Roscoff war remains looked way more cosy!

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