Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Walk After Homework

I like to get a walk or cycle in every day to blow away the cobwebs of the soul.  Yesterday's stroll out on Dartmoor, up Cox Tor near Tavistock, where I was doing my first visit of the day, certainly did that.  It was blowing a hoolie up there.  Does anyone else think the weather's rather autumnal at the moment? Roll on summer is all I can say!

On Tuesday  Lou and I had planned a little trek on the moor  but it didn't pan out.  It was one of those evenings where homework dominated the proceedings and it was way after eight when it was all done and dusted.  So we decided to do the circuit that's accessed out of the back gate.  We've done it loads of times.  It starts with a beautiful footpath along the river that counts as my back garden.  Then there's a hill climb through fields whilst taking in glorious views of the rolling Devon countryside. Finally we hit the village and cut through the churchyard to the lane that leads back home.

Now I don't count myself as a Christian, My relationship status with God might be described as complicated.  But I love those ancient churches that cross our landscape.  Aside from all the beautiful craftmanship there's that aura of sanctity than many of them exude.  Most are locked these days and I haven't been able to venture inside this local one.  I do love its unusual lychgate which, as Louis is ably demonstrated is huge and swings 360 degrees on a spindle like a big paddle.


  1. I have never seen such a lych gate, it looks marvellous.

  2. I "think" that type of gate is called a Tapsel gate. I have exactly the same love of old churches- not for religious reasons but the peace and history.

    1. Sorry to be really nerdy my dear friend but this isn't a tapsel gate as that only rotates 90 degrees according to Wikipedia. This one goes right round in a circle. xx

    2. No I like to know these things...I am a nerd too!! Thanks for clarifying. We've both learnt a new nerdy thingxx

  3. When I first looked, I thought he was on a skate board. Imagine the 360 on wheels. There is something calming about old churches and church yards. We don't have any that span centuries, but a few quaint ones are left from the 1800's.