Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Wave A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I won't write much today because I've spent so long finding this extraordinarily moving video that I first saw on Friday at an occupational therapy conference that I wanted to share.  It's only about four minutes long. And bah!  I have to get on with essay writing on what looks like it's going to be a beautiful day if I want to get out there at any time.

So briefly.......This was shown to introduce Surf Action, a Cornwall based Community Interest Company who were inspired by the work of Ocean Therapy, an American organisation who use surfing and the healing power of the ocean to treat service men with PTSD and physical injuries.  It's therapeutic at all sorts of different level and a brilliant example of why I'm an occupational therapist, helping people find meaning through what they do.  And by the way  the clip is also being used to promote a Kickstarter initiative to raise money to produce a documentary about the use of surf therapy.  If this clip prompts you to contribute you can do so here.

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