Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Back to The Future: Squeak!

When I came down to live here from the South East thirty years ago, the offerings in the local news surprised me.  Back home there was no distinction between local and national stories.  Each had their murders, acts of violence and theft on a large scale.  Down here the TV and newspapers depicted a gentler life.   There were weathermen who provided forecasts for  village fetes and a  weird rabbit that hopped children's ages.   Relatively minor law infringements were enthusiastically reported.   There was the occasional stolen farm animal, a vehicle perhaps but that was it.  Those stories just wouldn't have passed muster in the news rooms of Essex.   The region's gentleness might be a reason why I stayed here.

It seems that headier events are going on in Devon these days.  Yesterday the Express and Echo reported that a woman had built a time machine in her garage.  Really! If you follow the link you can marvel at her craft.  What I  liked was her use of one of those hand held lettering presses to label the different parts of the machine.  You know the type.  Every home had one in the '70s.  Can someone remind me what it was called?

Anyway I digress so need to get back on track. This lady is seeking a fun companion to head off on her journey to mess up the space-time continuum.  Captain Kirk or Uhura would do.  She doesn't care if it's a man or woman.  And she has proof that her craft works because some mice that she put in there have disappeared!  Obviously they've paving the way ahead for some intrepid Devonians time lords.

Let me make two things clear.  First of all,  I have played no part in the manufacture of this machine. I stick to traditional crafting when I make stuff.  No rules of physics are defied.    And no, I'm not tempted to accept this lady's kind offer of being her companion.  My feet are firmly planted in the present.  I have to say that I'm a little concerned for those time travelling mice.  Come home safely boys!


  1. It's a Dymo labeller.


    1. Yes!!!!!!! With my bleary morning head on I just couldn't think of the name.

  2. I still have my Dad's Dymo machine and reels of tapes to use in it :)

  3. I still have one of those label makers. I label everthing.

  4. There are two basic problems with time travel (which you may like to pass on to the Devon lady). Firstly when travelling backwards, once you've gone past the time when you built the machine you'd fall flat on your backside (no machine). And to go forwards would be impossible as it hasn't yet existed. But hey... why not. If that's her machine which is illustrated; it looks good to me. Where do I apply?