Friday, 19 June 2015

de Markies and Masters

Photo: Inhabit
Half an essay to go!  I'm hoping to complete it in draft form by Sunday ready to send to my module tutor. No doubt he'll trash it for lack of criticality. And there's the rub with this Masters distance learning.  There's a set of rules and a language that I haven't grasped. All those research papers are gobbledeegook to me.   I can't understand a lot of them let alone analyse them in any depth. That's because I'm not campus based being a archetypal student. It means that I retain some dignity and don't run around with a traffic cone on my head after a few too many cheap beers.  Yet I can't immerse myself in the culture of academia either.  Sometime my inner devil tries to persuade me to write 4,000 words a la style of my blog.  I've resisted so far but it's tempting.

Photo: Inhabit
And at last it's getting warm outside.  Study in my comfy recliner is a no-go as far as productivity  is concerned .  So, I've been opening those motorhome windows to the limits of their stays.  It seems to enhance the quality of light in here that's already beautiful anyway.  And the breeze plays its part in making me feel like I'm in the open air too.

I found the de Markies on StumbleUpon the other day.  Now there's a website that's a nice little distraction when you're supposed to be working if ever there was one. What bowls me over is the fact that the Dutch designers, Bohtlingk Architecture,  have gone one step further than the blokes who designed my far opening windows.  They've totally sussed how to bring the outside in.   What's surprising is that this gorgeous trailer, that might tempt even the most hardened caravan hater, was  designed nearly thirty years ago.   It looks bang up to date to me.

Now if anyone comes to my campsite and spots me with a chainsaw I beg you to take it away from me. Finding me running across to Trago Mills to buy a ton of fabric and wood to make an awning could be a warning sign that something bad it in the offing. For I'm ever so  inspired to do a George Clarke and cut away Klaus' sides and create that drop down look.   It would be a bad move. My ability to wield a tool successfully is highly variable.

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  1. Yes, re-designing is best left to the professionals.