Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dreams and the Super Fairy

Last night I dreamt vividly that I was having a baby- rather more easily than the first time around, I have to say.  The smiling boy child popped out in rather less time than the three days that it took Louis to enter into this world.  And after all that he has to be forcibly removed by C-Section! It doesn't take an expert in dream interpretation to work out what this stonkingly obvious metaphor means. I'm just wondering what it is that I'm supposed to be 'giving birth to'.  What grand plan or major life change awaits me?  We'll have to see.

Whilst we're on the subject of sleep a nubby question came into my head the other day. 'Why don't we fall out of bed at night?' Of course the internet is a wonderful resource for knowledge and I could have taken the most plausible answer which seems to be that each time we move at night we wake up momentarily so are conscious.  Babies and children are prone to a nighttime tumble because they haven't learnt from a sensory perspective to effectively interpret the world around them. But who wants to rely on a sensible explanation.  Pah!

Of course I like to think that it's those angels that watch over me that keep me safe. I'm cocooned in their feathery wings as I doze.   Louis came up with a more complicated reason.  Apparently when we're asleep we pop off and inhabit someone else's body and then come back just before we wake up.  What's left in the bed is an inert shell.  Nice one but implausible.  He, himself sometimes thrashes around like a good'un whilst inhabiting the Land of Nod. Scary Secretary came up with my favourite answer.  These Cottingley fairies sadly turned out to be rather clever cardboard cutouts but Scary argues for the existence of  a 'Super Fairy' who keeps pushing us back in bed each night when we're just about to take a tumble.  Now I'm loving that idea.  So much more fun than science!


  1. I used, frequently, to fall out of bed - to the extent that my (then) husband made us an extra low bed so that I wouldn't hurt myself.

    1. Interesting! Now there you've blown one of those scientific theories out of the water. x

  2. When horizontal the human body is only capable to two actions; to roll over, or snore.