Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fruity Polos!

Here's a timely tip seeing that Wimbledon is about to start tomorrow.  That's if it doesn't rain of course.  Here's  my yummy breakfast from the other day.  The not so observant among you will note that my strawberries have a tunnel in the middle.  They were not, I hasten to add, maggot infested. Instead they got their hole in the middle but I was inspired by a nifty trick that I found in a Lifehack video. You'll have to follow the link here to see it.  Be buggered if I can work out how to embed it.

In the mini-movie the bloke uses a straw to push the middle out of the fruit. Then he chops leaves from the little cylindrical pieces of strawberry that are a by-product of the process.  However I found a way to omit this step. I used the end of a spoon to do the pushing and the flesh just squished to the side within the fruit.    I assume that's where it went anyway if it wasn't magicked away.  Voila - no waste!   And seconds saved.  Now what would you do with those precious little bits of extra time!

Addendum:  Salty Dog tells me that she has taken on board my tip and she is using chopsticks.


  1. I hate to say this, but it sounds as if you're using unripe shop-bought Strawberries. Normally the green bit comes away very easily; well it does with ours.

  2. I always cut my strawberries in half as I once found a maggot in one! We're enjoying homegrown, still warm from the sun, strawberries at the moment; they're definitely worth the 12 month wait to taste them again.

    1. Might have to growl some of my own when I have a garden again xx

  3. I use my finger and thumb to dig out the leaves.