Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hares in Progress

One of the thing that I like about linocutting is that it is a craft where the product is easy to give away.  If a friend likes one of my prints that I've made for another person I run off another copy for them.Simples!

In spite of the dreaded studying which takes up more hours than I'd ideally like, I'm devoting more pleasurable time to producing my latest piece of work based on those three hares that I've admired that often live on the roof of Devon churches.  It's work in progress so those people who've already said they'd like one will have to wait. But it's coming on. I've just carved the first piece of lino that will act as a printing plate.  In doing so I've had to revisit schoolday geometry to get the symmetry right.

I'm pretty pleased with it. Stage 2 will be producing a backdrop for those beasties to skip in.  I'm thinking ivy silhouetted on a light green background that is more Farrow and Ball than B&Q economy range.  The final decision hasn't been made though. And that's another lovely thing about this crafting.  As I may have said before because I'm prone to repeating myself I love the way that the thinking process of producing something has the capacity to fill my head with good stuff that provides respite from some of the heartbreaking things that I see whilst at work.

I thought  I'd share a completed piece of gifted craft today as well.  This is a beautiful pendant from fused glass that was made especially for me by Sugar Plumb for my birthday. Its original bale was of base metal but I've made it even more precious by replacing that with a proper silver one.

Now this is a big and chunky piece, about two inches across. As such it is right up my street.  I don't do delicate on all sorts of different levels.  And I wear rather a lot of blue and silver so the colours are perfect too.  As such I've worn it and worn it!


  1. The pendant is lovely…just my colours! I hope you will show us the hare print when it is finished, please.

  2. Love the colours in the pendant [very me colours too]. The lino cut is amazing.

  3. The only 'serious' linocut that I've made was a three colour print of the cathedral where I was at school. It took ages getting the three separate plates right, but I eventually got there! Unfortunately it was in a small portfolio that was stolen, so that's that.

  4. You've made a good start to your lino cutting, I look forward to seeing the end result.