Monday, 29 June 2015

Mind Going Mental

Oh heck!  Since I made the decision to move into the house at the end of the month,the brain has gotten, as my American friends say, a bit more chocker block than it was anyway. And it was fairly full before what with work projects, studying, holiday planning and all sorts of other bits and piece that befit a single full-time working mum with a larger than average demeanour of busyness anyway.   Here's a sample of the extra stream of stuff that's coursing through those neural networks.

Need a new fridge A++ or A++++. Will A+ do?......  Need a bed...... big one for big room......put one with storage underneath in Lou's room so he can stow away stuff, keep room neater and hence earn his pocket money.....How am I going to get those flatpacked shelves back together again? I'm truly useless at that sort of stuff.........Do I really need a landline? Fixed phones are so passe....Must be frugal not just thrifty for a time...this moving lark is expensive!.......Will there really be more cleaning?..friend who lived in van encouraged me to think in terms of high intensity and low intensity reality I clean the motorhome a lot...a little and often....Can I justify expense of keeping  Klaus the Knaus  in storage near A38 for glorified second home type bolthole?....Where would I keep him otherwise?.... would make living room ever so dark if he was parked outside house.....Do I need to pay for yet another lot of postal redirection now that I've changed my last address?......How's Lou going to get to school?...bus? I take him on way to work? time travel? Ha!  not invented yet......Will I miss living  in Klaus? yessssss! but everything must change.  That must be true for Paul Young sung it...Will be nice to have some stuff back...breadmaker, Magimix, pictures,tumble polisher.....jewellery needs a clean....Sofa bed or proper bed in spare room?................Aaaaargh it goes on and on and on.  Must make extra concerted effort in next month to practice mindfulness properly.  If I don't something could well explode!!!!!!!!


  1. With me now - breath out, out, out (through your mouth - you may hum!), breath in, in, in (through your nose), lower your diaphragm to drag in the last little bit - hold, hold, hold, (repeat 3 times). Now repeat after me - I can do it, yes I can.
    There - luck and breathing - moving will be a whizz.

  2. You will be fine, the Universe is looking after you. x

  3. I just got befuddled reading your list! Good luck with it all I'm sure everything will be OK and you will soon be settled