Monday, 15 June 2015

Priests and Sharks

We've has a rare weekend of chillin'.  That's meant I've been able to catch up with some movie watching. I've wanted to see 'The Overnighters' since I heard a Radio 4 review and finally got around to renting it. It's an award winning documentary about a priest who lets desperate men looking for work in the oilfields of North Dakota use his church to sleep in. Yet, this man is not portrayed as a saint. Pastor Reinke displayed weakness, frailty and lack of judgement. His life story is all the more touching for it. As he tells one deeply disturbed man who shows up at the church 'You and I are a whole lot more alike than we are different. I'm broken, we're broken, just broken.' As the tale unfolds the pertinence of this statement becomes plain.  In spite of his flaws Pastor Reinke's compassion shines through. It's a reminder that none of us can be tarred with just the good or bad brush. The film also serves as a lesson on why guns shouldn't be widely available in society. Give the general public access to a rifle and they tend to wave it around at the slightest provocation. One overwrought woman demonstrates my point quite nicely.

My second weekend film was way more fun. Lou and I went to see a screening of Jaws,  not any old cinematic experience but a dive in movie held at Seale Hayne's swimming pool, a fundraising event to raise money for underwater speakers. Future screenings are planned. Louis wants more of the same, sequels to the original movie.  I fancy 'The Life of Pi'. It would translate well to a watery venue.

Until half time we lounged poolside in deckchairs eating popcorn and a  melty chocolate orange.  We  then swapped places with half the audience and took our turn in the warm water to watch the final hour of the film, the bit where the shark is hunted. Again I seemed to have my Health and Safety hat on.  It must be all those risk assessments that I do at work that's turned me into a worrypot. Surely it's not right to get tanked up on wine just as a Great White is circling the boat? Nor does it seem wise to hand out life jackets at the last minute as it's sinking.

What's clear is that this monster in the foyer would have been much easier to deal with than the original Jaws.  Being papier mache he'd have turned to mush at the first sign of moisture!


  1. I knew nothing about "the Overnighters" till I read your post. Having now read a lot of reviews, have ordered a copy. It certainly looks worth seeing. Thank you!!

  2. I can really see your face shape in Lou in that photo LG. Haven't heard of that film either so thanks for the nod.