Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Scrubs Song II

A few months back I showed a clip from Scrubs that features a Peter Gabriel song that would now feature on my desert island if ever I get stranded there.  It may well happen.  The Breton coast has conjured up visions of a little boat with an outboard from which I'd drop crab pots.   Sometimes my mad dreams and schemes, like the one about living in a motorhome, come to fruition.

Anyway I thought I'd share another Scrubs clip that counts among Louis' favourites.  It's another soppy song but this one makes us giggle.  It also brings to mind a select group of girly friends and a couple of gay guys for whom I might well harbour the same sort of feelings!


  1. I've not heard of 'Scrubs', I expect it's on a channel that we don't receive.

    1. It's worth seeking out. It's silly funny.