Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sugar and Spice or Snips and Snails?

I have no recollection of why I googled the word when  I talked about being a tomboy in my recent plane post. I'm really glad I did though because I came across this little girl on Wikipedia.  Isn't this painting by John George Brown  from the Victorian era marvellous? She's looks so curious about her world.  I think I like her because she reminds me of myself at the same age.   Maybe though,  I tended to be a bit grubbier.  And my hair was way more tangly than that even though I'd given it a good brush in the morning  I still ended up looking like a crazed version of Medusa soon afterwards.   Mama Lovelygrey said that you could stand me still and even if I hadn't touched anything I'd be filthy in five minutes.

More often though, there would be none of that passive demureness. I'd be all dressed up in something really girlie and be as pleased as punch with how I looked.  But then I'd get a bit bored with all that standing around looking pretty so I'd sneak off  to climb something or play with some dirt. Collecting buckets of woodlice was a bit of a favourite occupation.  It occurred to me again when I was under the motorhome trying to track down a leak all tarted up in a lacy blue number that nothing much has changed!


  1. My own mother's two favourite pastimes were tree climbing and dam making (mostly in small streams).

    The girl in the picture reminds me of my daughter. She had (has) dark curly hair, and when annoyed would stamp her foot once, put her hands on her hips, and pout. It was priceless!

  2. Just like seeing the tender side of my son makes me smile, seeing my girls deep in good healthy dirty fun is a happy site. I never much cared for the expression "tomboy". I didn't know where it came from but was often said insultingly or dismissive.

  3. I was mostly up trees - I can still do it, in my imagination - or in a brook.