Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Dream That Will Come True?

After nine months of motorhome living I've moved into my beautiful little house by the sea!  I say little because funnily enough it seems smaller than I remember.  Perhaps  in my time living in a small space I bigged it up.  Who knows?   My furniture will arrive in a couple of hours and then, this space will become home.

I have a  funny little idea about going out to sea in the dead of night  in a little boat. A bit like Iggle Piggle on 'In The Night Garden' that I used to watch with Louis when he was wee.
From there I will drop crab pots to catch my tea.  That hunter gatheress is truly part and parcel  of my nature.  Someone out in the universe must have know about that.  Look what some former tenants have left in my garden!


  1. Well, that house was just meant to be for you, wasn't it?

  2. At last, the day has come! Hope it all goes smoothly . Enjoy your new space. X.

  3. Isn't there a rocky cove nearby where you could launch your (well attached) lobster pot? Wouldn't that be good; to catch your own lobster or crab.