Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Festival Quickie

I've woken up to a beautiful view  on this sunny morning. Red Mel, Salty Dog and I are  at Chagstock festival on Dartmoor's northern edge for my sixth year running. This will have to be a quick post for we're off grid and my laptop power is running low.  The ability to run appliances without hook up is limited but we've still got our comforts. The fridge is running on gas and only the lighting system that runs off the leisure battery, which is charged by the main battery.

I get Louis back later this morning.  He arrived home from France in the wee hours and will join our partying throng.  After all this is his favourite festival of the year.  No doubt he'll find a gang to play with soon after arriving.  He's good at that.   When he arrives he has a present waiting for him.  Not many kids have a cuddly aardvark but now Lou has.  Isn't this cute guy that Red Mel has crocheted for him superb?!

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