Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Skilletful of Scrumptiousness

Chucking a whole bunch of stuff in a frying pan is a common cooking method for me. You can tell I'm a sophisticated bird. The resultant mixture lasts for a few meals.  Maybe I'll eat it cold as a salad in my lunchbox or it will do as a filling for a frittata, or a wrap which I'll leave be or shallow fry to make a chimichanga.   I make this kind of hash up so often that I couldn't blog about it each time there was a variation.  You'd all get very bored and buzz off. And that would never do for I love to have my web-based gang around.

But I'm have to going to share this one as it is totally delicious. And what's more it's the product of yesterday's cupboard and fridge clear out,  making do with what remains on the eve of a shopping trip.  Here's how to replicate it.
  • Heat a very good glug of rapeseed oil in a lidded frying pan.
  • Dice the last remaining potato and an aubergine into one inch cubes.  Or thereabouts.   Honestly,  if I gave that instruction to Louis he'd have his ruler out but there's really no need to be that pedantic.  Pop them the hot oil and put the lid on.
  • Chop up about a quarter of a chorizo sausage that's been lurking at the back of the cupboard for a while.  I get immense satisfaction when I've use those last remains of food up.  Gaining pleasure in throwing away the empty wrappers is one of my little quirks.  Also, cube up half a block of leftover halloumi and chuck that in.  Leave the lid on for about ten  minutes so the steam adds to the frying process.  It'll all cook quicker that way.  Then open to the elements so that the cheese and potato can crisp up for about another five minutes.
  • Add salt, pepper, halved cherry tomatoes and a lovely dash of smoked paprika to the mix.  Hmm! at this stage I thought that it would all look far more lovely with the addition of a bit of greenery.  Bah! The fridge was devoid of the usual peas, cabbage or broccoli.
  • Result!  Add half a  chopped up Baby Gem right at the end of the cooking process so it just wilts.  I'm sure I've seen cooked lettuce somewhere before and I'm not making it up
There you have it.  A wonderful melange of flavours and sublime textures, slippery aubergine, squeaky salty cheese, a bite of the meat.  Mmmmm!  This might have been a bit of an experiment but it'll be one that I'll be repeating.  Pudding was good as well. Yoghurt with some of my favourite salty caramel sauce mixed in topped with strawberries.  I have to say that this was leftovers at their finest!


  1. I did something very similar for lunch yesterday……potato, red onion,red pepper,some chopped ham, left over already cooked halloumi ( a bit tough!) a end bit of brie, a couple of chopped pepper dew and then some beaten egg. Eaten with the rest of some little gem, and cherry tomatoes……..the fridge felt much better afterwards! (I had only bought the red pepper for what was a delightful meal) Oh dear, just started to rain here… in Herts!

  2. That sounds yum too! Let's hope Devon is rain free. I want to put my sheets out to dry! x

  3. That looks really tasty.
    I make soup with left over lettuce. Just onion, a little lazy garlic, black pepper, salt and the lettuce. Whiz it up and there you are - you could add some croutons or a dollop of cream or yoghurt.

  4. When the children were small we used to fry huge amounts of mixed veg (whatever was in the garden), then at the last minute sprinkle-on some ground cumin. It was always surprisingly good; in fact I might do it again.

  5. KL regularly fries lettuce with lots of other veg and says it is always delicious. She hates waste - after all it's her student finance money that she would be throwing away and, unlike some of her friends,there's no bank of mum and dad to bail her out!