Sunday, 19 July 2015

Chaggers 2015

Afternoon all.  A late post today as we left the site of Chagstock 2015 early this morning.  Busy, busy, busy! Once the van was parked safely back at base, we changed vehicle and hurtled off to Plymouth to mooch around the big Heart Foundation furniture shop.  If I can find beautiful secondhand beds for my new home that will be my preference but alas, no luck today. That's the nature of charity shopping.  When you're actively on the prowl there's nothing of interest.

Now I've got a moment to show you some of the pictures taken at the festival where we've had the best time ever.  Here's Klaus the Knaus in on the action sporting his Gay Pride like banner.  We hope the LBGT community don't mind us liking rainbows too.  There's Salty Dog popping up her tent next door. After all Red Mel, me and even Louis can be prone to a  bit of snoring.

Here's my boy making me a smoothie the eco-friendly way.   Ever the entrepreneur Lou had to be dragged away from here before he started charging other punters money to pulp their fruit. He had a wonderful time but missed the action of the first night as he didn't get back from his school  French trip until 3am on Saturday morning.   It meant that his mum, Red Mel, Salty Dog, Ibiza Queen Vikki and a few other people who were old enough to know better could 'rave' in the Live Lounge until the wee small hours.......

.....that was after the set of Mad Dog  Mcrea.  You don't have to look too closely at this video to spot me partying with Red Mel and Ibiza Queen Vikki and a few random strangers who didn't need much persuading to join in with us. Mind you with this type of foot tapping stuff it's terribly hard not to dance your little socks off.

Here's Bean in hunter-gatherer pose.  All he needs is a spear. In the end he settled for a cheese and ham crepe.  Who say's that real men don't each quiche-inspired tucker?  Needless to say I didn't go hungry. I have to say that Cox and Laflin's slow cooked smoked beef brisket was the  favourite tummy filler for Louis and I. A beautiful product and the friendly staff on their food stand even gave me tips on how to rustle up my own version at home.

Here's Lou and his new mate, Charlie, taking a selfie with Gaz Brookfield who played on the Marquee Stage in the afternoon. I've clocked this bloke before at previous festivals.  He's funny, autobiographical and a great acoustic guitarist.  Have a listen to this one if you fancy following a link.  Maybe it describes a Westcountry man's (or woman's) worst nightmare!

What was different this year was Louis took an interest in the music for the first time.  He even momentarily forgot that his mum was embarrassing and danced with me to the Electric Swing  Circus.

And this is me pictured at the front of mainstage for the lovely smiley Seth Lakeman's fabulous set. Now that guy certainly  can fiddle and he's a great showman.  It was getting chilly.  No sensible dark fleecy clothing for me.  A hat, my fave poncho, a lime green boa and more of that frantic dancing did the trick and I was toasty warm!  I love this picture so much that it's going to be my new profile shot. An excellent memory of happy times.

A Vikki selfie taken in the Porta-Loo. Apparently it's a bit of a tradition! Spot the matching feather boa!  We moulted.  No doubt people will think that green and orange angels were present.

Tremendous thanks to all those who entertained, fed and watered us so superbly. And to my friends who count among my besties.  Guys you are all amazing!  Needless to say we'll be back next year!


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    1. So do I even though Mr Metrosexual says it makes me look like a mad old bag! x

  2. Great photo! Rom is a big fan of New Model Army.

    1. Ah Rom must be of a certain age. I'm more of a Cure girl myself x