Saturday, 11 July 2015

Forward Focus

Two and a half weeks to go before I leave my motorhome based lifestyle and move into a 'proper' home. Reiki Ray said that I will have to acclimatise myself by living in just one room first of all and gradually branch out into the rest of the house. 'Does he know  how funny he is?' asked Ibiza Queen Vikki who's just moved her work base into my office and as such overheard this comment that was just a small part of one of his bizarre conversations that are peppered with weird advice and hocus pocus. 'He could do stand up!'

Actually I intend to relish all my extra space from day one.  And I'm getting really excited. There's a concept of inevitable change in mindfulness which if complemented with unbridled optimism gives the future a sunny and exciting hue. No good will come of the mourning of a lost lifestyle. Van dwelling has been brilliant but the next phase of my life has all the makings of being so too. So, I've been thinking about what there is to look forward to. Here's some of the things that I've come up with.
  • A bath!  My water at the house cannot be metered so the first will be a deep - with bubbles of course!. I suppose flushing toilets (two!) that don't have to be emptied are a plus too.
  • Room to print my linocuts and start a little venture selling them.  There'll also be a return to jewellery making.   I'll be saying hello to those tools that have been packed away in storage.  Knowing me I will actually do this.
  • Welcoming family and friends, especially the ones who have felt uncomfortable with the confined space of motorhome life.  I'll be the first to admit it's not everyone's bag.  It will be great to have my less intrepid friends and family members around to visit and stay again.
  • Living in a small town.  Eight months of being in the middle of nowhere has taught me that remote rural life is not my bag.  It'll be lovely to wander into town, have a beer, pop out for fish and chips....And friends are close by.  Mr Metrosexual and Ruff Stu are just around the corner.  Barbie Nurse and her man are about fifteen minutes away.
  • Having my breadmaker and Magimix back. Oh and the toaster will be nice too. My cooking repertoire will expand again and I'll be able to do more of that with my boy. 
  • Having reiki treatments on a proper therapy bench again.  Ray's said that he will space clear the house to get rid of 'undesirable energies'.  He does this by hitting a meditation bowl and burning incense.  Now that will give my new neighbours something to watch.
  • Seeing the sea everyday.  That's a really exciting one.  I have dreams of getting a little boat, maybe a canoe or a dinghy.
  • Being able to display my pictures, ceramics and glass.
  • Being able to buy in bulk again and save money by doing so.  There's no room in the motorhome for more than 80 teabags at a time or sacks of porridge.  With lots of kitchen space this money saving option is again open to me.
  • Having the exterior of my house painted.  It's really scruffy but other expenses means that I couldn't do it when I first moved in.  I reckon my neighbours will be pleased too.  It might go some way  to make up for Ray's weird goings on. 
There's yet more that I haven't listed, a washing machine that I can dye stuff in, somewhere to put my tea so that I can drink it in bed, space to change a duvet, the return of batch cooking and stock making......Life is good now.  It will still be good in a future that's drawing ever nearer.


  1. When I first moved to France (1972) we had a Porta Potti for the first few months. The estate agent who showed us the house was called Monsieur Arbiol, and the pits that were dug for emptying this wretched object were called Arbiol Pits. I thought you may like to know that!

    1. Thankfully the house has indoor plumbing from the start!

  2. You've managed to put me right off small space living now. See you soon.

  3. Whats interesting to me is that while you have more space, you are so intentional about it. It doesn't sound like space for space sake. You'll have discipline to still be practical in what you bring into your home that I the clutterbug, do not possess.

  4. It all sounds great. Hope you will show some of your jewellery. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new place.

  5. looking forward to hearing how you are enjoying your new "space".Exciting times to come.