Saturday, 4 July 2015

Funky, Frugal and Frosty

I'm in the market for a  couple of beds when I move to my swanky Brixham home.  Louis'  old bunk bed gravitated towards his dad's home when we moved out of our old house.   It wouldn't have fitted under the eaves of his attic room.  So I think that I'm going to donate my storage bed to him.  He likes to spread out as he sleeps so a double will be right up his street.  It will also mean that he will have someone to hide his junk when I inspect his room.  Let's make it as easy as possible for him to be tidy.

That leaves me two beds short, one for the spare room and my own.  I'm minded to go king sized as the room is capacious enough.  I have a hankering for one where I can entwine fairy lights through the headboard.  A proper old fashioned number like the all brass version of this one was foremost in my mind until Little Wren pointed out that metal beds squeak.  Do they?  Surely  that can be sorted out with washers and a bit of lubricant.  On the bed silly and not about any part of my person.  Some of you have very smutty minds indeed!

My old fridge that I got from the British Heart Foundation shop didn't make it to storage.  Its door seals were knackered so off, it went  to be recycled.   I could go for a secondhand one again but am minded buy new so that I can get a really energy efficient model.  It saves money and is good for the planet.  That's definitely win-win.  This is where I'm learning something. There's quite a lot of difference in running costs even between models with the same energy label.  Here's the site that you need to go to for comparisons.

Here's the one that's really taken my fancy,  a Gorenje retro. It comes in at number six in the eco-friendly rankings for medium sized appliances.  That's plenty enough space for one mama and a twelve year old's tuck.  More expensive than a bog standard square fridge but it would look a treat in my cream and aubergine kitchen and give me joy every time I looked at it!


  1. It's a lovely fridge. I have heard of an avocado bathroom, but a kitchen? Picture please when you can.

    1. Oops I meant aubergine not avocado! Wrong greengrocery product. I've edited my post and added a link to where I think I've found the cheapest fridge. However if anyone can find it at an even better price I'm all ears! x

  2. Avacado colored kitchen appliances were all the rage ib the 70's along with sunflower. (or as I say unatractive green and yellow) I think aubergine will be lively.

  3. We've recently bought a big new all-singing, all-dancing, fridge. I noticed on the blurb that it costs €50 a year to run. Very reasonable in anyone's currency; I wonder how accurate that is?