Friday, 3 July 2015

It Should be Plenty

In preparation for a life with the extra expenses of running a home as opposed to living in a motorhome with an all inclusive electricity supply on my pitch I'm rethinking my spending.   The exterior of the house needs painting to prevent structural damage and there's a few pieces of furniture and electrical items that have to be bought before I move in.  Then there's the work that can wait.  A new bathroom, turning the very scrappy utility room downstairs into a shower room, repainting some of the inside, a beautiful  Devon bank that forms the property boundary needing serious attention.......  It's all going to take money and some serious saving is warranted. But life is for living.  You never know what might be around the corner.  My job teaches me that on a near daily basis.   I  want to enjoy life in all its fullness.  Spending time with friends and travel near and far are ever present priorities for me.  I'm not going to be giving them up anytime soon.

The NHS pays me a decent wage but its not enough to be wanton!  I've decided that (sob!), aside from new underwear and leggings, clothes buying should be off the agenda for the next year.  Even from charity shops! You can get rather carried away in those places.  A fiver here and £7.99 there and a considerable sum has been spent.  There'll be no books either.  They MUST come from the library or be gifted.  And there'll be a strict embargo on arty crafty fripperies to make my house a home. Unless I make them or receive them as a present they're off the card.  Let's see how long it takes to break that one!

At the beginning of this month I set  myself a budget of twenty pounds a day for regular living costs apart from regular direct debits, school expenses paid through Parentpay and the initial bundle of expenses for setting up home.    Diesel, groceries, cleaning stuff, toiletries, clothes and entertainment in all its forms all have to come out of pot. 'That's plenty!'  I hear many of you scream. And  I'm totally in agreement that I'm lucky.  Many live on far less.

What remains will be saved or go towards making my home 'ideal'.  Some will be given away for, in a world of need, it does not seem right to keep all I earn to myself when I have stuff left over for luxuries.

So it's day three of the new regime and how's it going?  Well day 1 put me in deficit by £36.  Eeek! Totally wiped out by having to refuel the car and a monthly meeting held in a curry house!  Nothing spent yesterday though.  That leaves me four whole pounds to let my hair down on a Friday night. It's a good job I'll be studying!


  1. Always save first then spend what's left over; never spend first then save anything that's left over. Good advice methinks, it's how I've always done things.

  2. I have been away without interwebs so haven't kept up - have you moved into your house already or are you planning ahead?

    Normandy was wonderfully relaxing...