Wednesday, 1 July 2015

It's a Rose: Honest!

Photo:  Pixabay  
In an attempt to calm the frazzled mind that's inside that grey topped noggin I've been turning to YouTube.  There's a wealth of  meditation and other inspirational tracks.   Let's start on a serious note and rapidly descend into silliness.  The Honest Guys  who I've mentioned before are a good place to start for well rounded relaxation and stress relief.   And just shove in a search for "Jon Kabat Zinn" for lots of mindfulness resources from the master himself.  He got me started with that lark that's turned out to be life transforming.

But me being me I haven't stuck to nice sensible stuff.  Oh no! Instead I've  been experimenting a little more esoterically.  I should have a third eye chakra that's open to the size of a crater by now and  have been going on all sorts of journeys with angels.  Then of course there was that whispering bloke who's supposed to lure in a soulmate.......

Anyway I found out that, apparently I don't need a bloke anymore, at least for anything in the errr, basic realm. For there are binaural soundtracks that play beats at a certain frequency that are supposed to induce multiple orgasm with no hands involved!  Here's a link to an example just in case you're interested.  But wear headphones because you won't hear diddly squat otherwise.  Unless maybe you're a dog.

Anyway I thought I'd give it a go.  Lie back and think of England!  A girl has needs after all.  It seems though that mine, at this point in time, are based around sleep.  I was kipping in about two minutes!


  1. I like Ricks videos (The Honest Guys) on allotment gardening, i.e. the Rickvanman series.
    Shame he stopped that, I think he just lost motivation plus he gained a partner !

    1. Well I didn't know about the allotment videos. Thanks! x