Friday, 31 July 2015

Jaws 2!

Let's have a break from talking about moving in to my house shall we?  I'm a tad overwhelmed by the vastness of the project so it would be good to focus on something else.  Every so often I get a yearning to learn to work with wool and needles. But what am I thinking! There's enough ongoing craft projects here to keep me going for a fair few years.  I really do not need any more media to tempt me to start more.   Desist, grey lady desist!

Maybe our recent soggy cinema going exploits are to blame for my new found fascination with all things fishy or perhaps it's a move to the seaside.  Who knows!   Anyway if I could crochet I'd be sorely tempted to get this ssleeping bag pattern from Off The Hook Designs and make one for Louis. It's funny. There's instructions for an adult sized one too.  Mum and son being devoured by woolly sharks would be quite ridiculous.   They'd be just the thing though for snuggly winter nights in our new seaside home.


  1. On the basis that Louis is probably about to start growing a couple of inches a week, you should just make the adult one……..there is a lot of crochet in that fish!

  2. I knitted a gargoyle this year so I don't see any issue with knitting a shark..we're too old to be sensible!!