Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Off To Live At The Seaside

I've scheduled this ahead in case I'm too excited to post or overwhelmed by last minute chores. This evening after work I'm taking Klaus the Knaus to his new home. There were no available storage pitches at my existing site but fate has worked out swimmingly.  I've got myself  a less expensive spot a bit further down the A38 on a campsite owned by the newish boyfriend of Sugar Plumb.  It's near my office bases so I can pop in to get stuff, charge the battery before I go away and do a bit of maintenance when I need to.  Ideal!   'Let me have your number in case something happens to your van and I need to get in touch.' said Campsite Bob , who I'm hoping might be a keeper for my mate.  'Like if  Sugar Plumb chucks you and you torch it?' I replied. He laughed but not in an evil gremlin kind of way. I think Klaus will be safe.

After that Salty Dog is picking me up for she is helping me with my move.  We'll collect Leif, my little froggie car as Barbie Nurse describes my trusty Citigo.  He's stuffed full of the accoutrements of everyday life that no longer need to be kept in a motorhome that will be used exclusively for holiday adventures.    Klaus looks  sparse but I like him back that way.   Tonight we'll be camping in an empty house but the removal men arrive tomorrow.  I'll be reunited with my furniture and arty stuff. Yay!

Anyway I thought I'd shared a song, a surprisingly mainstream choice for an indie folkie type of girl. But I love  Simply Red mainly because Mick Hucknall's  voice has incredible purity.  This is  my favourite song by the band and it seems apt to share it.

'Where the land meets the sea
She'll be smiling so sweetly now.
I hope that she'll be here much longer that I will
My heart loves her with every beat now.

So fake cool image should be over
'Cause I long for a feeling of home
Real life depicted in song
A loving memory
After all,  a home is a place where I  yearn to belong'.

I'm hoping to create a place of happiness and sanctuary for the people who are already dear to me and Louis  and those who become so in the future.  It'll be owned by us but a place to share. I'm wondering if this might be the only formula for a happy home.


  1. I have a total aversion to 'NOW' songs. 'Oh baby I love you NOW, won't you be mine NOW; etc etc. Even so, I do like Mick; especially his first album.

  2. And Klaus begins another chapter- still your home but your home from home when you are relaxing.


  3. Wishing you every happiness in your home by the sea. x

  4. Good luck as another chapter begins! We're looking foward to half a week on Dartmoor very soon so will easily be able to send some housewarming wishes from there over the hills and down to the coast. x