Monday, 20 July 2015


'Without doubt Louis is one of the kindest students in the class, always willing to help teachers and students and one who shares everything, from his time to his sweets.' This is an excerpt from my son's school report written by his form tutor.  It is clear from comments by other teachers that he struggles with attentional stuff and is a bit too chatty at times.  I wonder where he gets that from! But I am super proud.   Maybe my dubious parenting skills which involve hauling him out of mainstream housing into a semi-traveller lifestyle to experience living with less have a part to play in this.  Nature vs. nuture and all that!

Lou had a whale of a time on his school trip to Normandy.  And he was the bearer of gifts!  The boys went to a goat farm and bought rather a lot of cheese.  'I bet that coach stank!' said his dad who was the recipient of a red onion swathed variety. Louis bought four rounds of this artisan product.  Mine is the front one covered in red pepper and peppercorns. It is a young fresh lush jobbie and did just the job for lunch yesterday. Lou is keeping the one at the back to himself and guarding it with his life.  Even so I've had a little sneaky nibble and it is pretty good. If I say so myself one of those food photographers might think I've done a half decent job with this snap.
And there's been more pressies! I am such a lucky mummy. The highlight of Lou's holiday was seeing the Bayeux tapestry.  'Why was this favourite?' I asked.  'It was long and interesting.' was the reply. Not sure that I quite appreciate what the Wow factor was.  Perhaps I need to see it for myself. And I can!  My present was a 1:7 scale version of the tapestry in book form.  Maybe it'll be the inspiration for some Norman themed linocuts.
I delved into my purse to give Lou some spending money at Chagstock and again he spent some  on me. Bless!  This is a Shaun the Sheep pencil top that he bought to thank me for taking him on the trails around London and Bristol.  He will adorn the HB that I use to design my linocuts.  Even though I'm all sheeped out, Lou's adamant that we need to bag all 120 Shauns.  We're off to find the final thirty of the sculptures on Tuesday.

And here's the final present from my  terribly generous son.  He got it from the smashing crockery stall at Chagstock, 'rescued' from certain death by paying a pound.  Lou like dolphins and he was very proud of his acquisition.  I'm afraid my frontal lobes disengaged themselves  and I had a bad mother moment when he gave it to me.  I told him it was hideous. It's the ciggie burn above the final 'O' in the Barbados tag that clinched it.

One of my festie friends who will remain nameless says that it should get broken accidently before the move. But I'm not so sure.  Something this hideous is the product of a depraved yet genius mind.  And of course it was bought with love. I'm deciding where exactly it should have pride of place in 'Great Tits House'.


  1. Cheese looks good; dolphin looks ghastly. Knowing the sort of people who visit Barbados, I'm not overly surprised.

  2. He did well to get the cheese back " unsquashed" !

  3. Display it with pride in the bathroom and rebrand it as kitsch or at the back of a shelf so it's out on display but not too obvious [there's a reason why I know these things as I have too been the recipient of such gifts over the years!]
    Great report- those are the skills that will stand him in good stead in the future.


  4. What a lovely and thoughtful boy you have raised. He bought appropriate gifts he knew you would love and the Shaun the sheep gift had me all teary-eyed. The dolphin is definitely kitsch and should be loved for and despite of its sheer awfulness! He is a boy to be so proud of.

  5. Lovely school report - you couldn't ask for more. I keep trying to drum up some excitement for the Shauns here but they're being a bit teenagery about the whole thing...I may end up trailing around Bristol on my own...