Thursday, 9 July 2015

Summer Starts at 12 Today. Hurray!

When this post goes live at 5am tomorrow I will already be up, beavering away on the last couple of paragraphs of my latest essay.  It's due in at midday.  I wish that I could say that it's been sheer laziness and stupidity that's pushed me so close to the deadline but it isn't.  I just find studying at this level so hard and get overwhelmed quickly.  Sometimes I sit for hours and hours with a headful of muddlednes, annoyed that my inefficiency is robbing me of quality outdoor time.   It's not at all like blogging where those ramblings come easily.

Even so I'm surprisingly perky.  There's so much to look forward to including the ability to put my nose in a book that isn't academic once I've pressed that electronic submission button and my nemesis is sent off into Internet la-la land.  Boomf!!!   Had you have been wandering the corridors of where I work yesterday you might have heard me crooning this.  I caught myself decimating this beautiful song out loud. You can get away with that if you wear a mantle of eccentricity. It's been going round and round in my head over the last few days. 


  1. Brilliant- enjoy the freedom. Pimms and tennis perhaps? Don't be so hard on yourself- when we did our studies as young people most of us weren't working full time. Studying when you're tired is hard when it's at a high level.

  2. I was wondering when Summer was starting - I had almost given up waiting !

  3. Nice song. Her 'breathiness' could almost be French. Will you be recording your own version?

  4. I used to love handing in the last one of the academic year, but found myself missing the writing by the time September rolled around. I did not enjoy having 10,000 words due in after the 2 week Christmas break though ( spread over 3 assignments - poor organisation on the uni's part). I gave myself Christmas Day off and even spent that feeling as if I should be working on something. No wonder I ended up with a dicky ticker!
    Enjoy your break and the great outdoors!