Friday, 10 July 2015

The Durex Bunny

I'm having a lie in this morning at Salty Dog's house.   She's now in my bed blogging  and mainlining tea as well.  We went out on Mutley Plain yesterday evening. Now I always say that with a doggy snigger at the end for I am a cartoon watching child of the sixties.  A bit of  wine was imbibed  on a school day  in celebration of finishing an essay and a good night was had.  We talked to strangers and  listened to the rather talented Jake Bradshaw playing acoustic guitar  in a  pub,  So what to write this morning? I know.  I'll tell a funny story!

I've been playing 'Words with Friends', a version of online Scrabble, with a few of my buddies lately. Because of that interactivity, it's replaced the Guardian crossword and quiz as the daily brain teaser of choice.  Now a few days ago, five of my seven letters came up with a word all on their own.  DUREX!  I told Lou and then remembered I was talking to a twelve year old.   ' Do you know what that means?' I asked.  He gave me a withering look.  'Of course I do' was his reply.  'It's a battery!'


  1. Haha…….Has he discovered his error yet?

  2. Love it! My friend was watching TV with her 10 year old and the person mention condoms. "Do you know what condoms are?" she asked "No Mummy, I know about poppadoms though" Oh sweet childhood innocence...