Monday, 13 July 2015

The Start of Making A Home

I've done the first bit of spending on my new home.  A whole fourteen pounds and fifty pence. Easy tiger!  I know that I'll need some more stuff like light fittings, rugs for strip wooden floors, shelving and a bit of furniture.  But mostly I have no idea what's missing until I move in.  I'm just going to have to see what I've already got in storage and what's already in the house. I've forgotten as I haven't been inside it for nearly two years.

A bit of the cash has been splashed on this toilet brush from Asda.  I know that I threw the old one away as it had rust around the brush. Being a sensitive soul, I wasted mental energy fretting about whether my visitors would think that I was a dirty mare and mistake it for poo.  There!  I've said the unsayable as usual.  My replacement rustless one is part of a collection of London Tube  bathroom accessories, that includes a shower curtain that was still available in store but isn't on the  website anymore. How lucky I was to snap up the set in the sale at half price. I first spotted them at full price when I bought Louis' duvet set for the motorhome  but of course I wasn't in the market for stuff to clutter up a very small space then.   I love the genius design of that modernistic map that was conceived by Harry Beck way back in 1933.  It's interesting that it was the idea of  an electrical draughtsman rather than a cartographer.  I suppose it does look more like a wiring diagram now I've thought about it.

Photo: The Mosaic Gallery

I can't afford a brand new bathroom yet.  That's something I'm going to need to save up for. However I might be able to get started on making a mosaic for the walls when I've got a moment.  Just reflected on the last sentence and laughed my head off!  Anyway when I do get around to it this brilliant design might act as inspiration. It will make a change from the usual aquatic themes.  Hang on though.  There won't be an absence of water altogether.  A tube map isn't  wouldn't be complete if it didn't have the River Thames running through it!


  1. Looking at the tube map brings back so many wonderful memories. I only lived in town for about 3 years, but I loved every minute of it (other than being mugged once).

    1. I am a Londoner as I was born there but not bred. My family moved out when I was very little. I now love the city for a trip and Louis does too. He loves devising weird and wonderful ways of getting from A to B on the tube map on his duvet cover. We've never been mugged!

  2. I feel like I've got London in my soul. I've never lived there but my two week stay was all I ever imagined it would be. I laughed at the rusty toilet wand-constant "fear" of leaving any evidence of a dirty bowl on the brush.

  3. Gee I believe the only toilet brush cover I've seen been plain and mostly white.
    Anyhow I could do and entire redo of our bathroom but I need to win the lottery.
    Coffee is on