Thursday, 23 July 2015

Trash At The Mouth of the Teign

My work takes me farther afield these days from my hippy dippy Totnes base.  I have another office in Ivybridge that I occasionally work and every so often I can be found beavering away in far flung Tavistock.  Yep I definitely get about.  Lack of physical presence is probably why I hadn't bumped into Reiki Ray in the hospital corridors for a long time.  'I 'aven't seen you for ages, doll!' he boomed. ' Let's go out.  I fancy a lobster!'.  I booked the Crab Shack in Teignmouth.  Lou was cross that he couldn't come but he was at his dad's. It's a popular eatery these days and no wonder with its coastal views to die for, superb food and friendly staff.  Even though I booked in advance our table reservation was for 8:45.  That's sort of around bedtime for a girl with a streaming cold.

But I eschewed the sick bed for a stroll along the seafront and some nosh.  And I'm glad that I did. That sea air made me feel better,  And maybe it was the laughing too.  Anyway the sculptures along the promenade made out of litter gave us a giggle.  Here's  some of our favourites.

Now this chap is clever. I'm not sure that, being made out of bronze, he was part of the litter display. No matter, I'll show him anyway. For it's my blog and I can do what I want.

We  particularly liked the convincing use of an old shower hose attachment that made the horns on this sheep look so realistic.
This netting one was very colourful and eclectic. Nothing that had been caught here could be eaten though. We were getting hungry now. How do those Spanish people who have their supper at god awful late times manage?

And this was the one that made us laugh the most. I genuinely thought that someone had carelessly thrown away an old parasol but nope.  It's art.  Another girl and I got the giggles when we read the title of the piece.  It's called 'Sex on the Beach'.  Really!  I wondered if there's tiny little people getting it on underneath!


  1. I love that kind of artwork.

  2. I find it interesting to see how minds work-what title is given to a piece. I don't like gross though and am not generally a fan of shock pieces.

  3. Nothing there that I'd want at home, but to each...