Thursday, 16 July 2015

Working With The Inner Hippie

It is hard to recognise myself from the person that I was ten years ago. She was filled with doubt, anxiety and even self loathing caused by constant self-criticism because I'd taken every unkind word said about  me by others as truth.  Working on being kinder to myself has paid massive dividends.  I was joking when I told Salty Dog the other day that I wasn't coming to her beauty product party because I was too gorgeous anyway. I have to say though that I feel rather content with who I am at all sorts of different levels.  Now I'm also self forgiving when I have been an arse.   This was not always the case.

Actively being grateful is reaping rewards as well. At first being actively thankful felt quite mechanistic but now seems to be enmeshed within my psyche.  I described it to a psychologist friend who thought that it sounded as if it was working at schema level, a deep rooted level of thinking that structures the entire way that I view the world. I love the morning affirmations from the very bouncy sounding Bernardette Logue on YouTube. These are currently part of my morning routine.

It seems good to share the effects of this bonhommie with others who are not in the same place as myself, where mental and physical pain is a constant feature in my lives.  As well as trying to spread kindness in a practical way I use a recorded healing meditation by Anna Hughes to guide my efforts.  Not evidence based practice but she says it works.  If you know me personally and are in need of a little TLC, it may be that any warm fuzzy feelings that you're experiencing might because I'm sending those healing rays to you!


  1. I'll have some of those lovely fuzzy rays please. Could do with a virtual hug or too at the moment. Thanking you in advance for forgiving my cheek! X

  2. Women are much more self-conscious than men. We blokes just barge through life not really worrying what we look like or sound like (or in some cases, smell like). However, I do think that always trying to have kind thoughts (for both men and women) is very beneficial to our general well-being.

    1. Absolutely! And I'm hoping that by doing this, that my inner bitch, for she does exist, will become less and less prominent!