Monday, 3 August 2015

A Reading

I forgot to mention that I had a psychic reading last weekend.  More than one person had been prompting me to do this at this turning point in my life.  It seemed an apt thing to do after leading a gypsy life for nine months.  And I've worked in  hippy dippy Totnes over the last eleven years.  No wonder that a bit of alternative spirituality has rubbed off.  So I went to see a lady who came recommended. Of course her house decor veered towards the purple and was bedecked with fairy and unicorn ornaments. I wouldn't have expected any less. Calamity Jane who was staying with me came along as well.

Now I do not divulge all to the blogosphere especially when it involves other people.  I've concluded that if you don't air dirty laundry in public then less bad stuff happens.  I stay shtum about a few of the good things as well.  Some things are meant to stay private.  So I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of what the dear lady told me or my friend.  I was impressed though.  What she made of my past was pretty spot on.  I'm glad Jane was there too. The parallels in our lives were very evident in what we were each told.

And so to the future.   Well my imminent move  came up. What I was told about Louis made sense as well.  I wanted an answer to a specific question too.  It's a secret one. Bah!  I can hear you all saying! The matter in mind loomed large in the reading but.......there seemed no definitive answer. No guidance about what to do other than wait.

But hang on.  There's the advice.  Being told to hunker down and sit around waiting is a hard one for a woman who likes to take action.  It was an even harder pill to swallow as no specific time frame was given. But there was a get out clause.  'Don't hang around for ever' said the wise woman. 'If a different opportunity comes along, please grasp it.  Life is too short!'


  1. Well there's a mystery. Go on tell me, in secret of course, I won't blab.

  2. You probably wouldn't like to hear my thoughts about these charlatans, so I shall keep them to myself; a little like your secret.

  3. I keep an open mind - also this stuff balances out all that evidence based stuff that I have to do in my studying!