Tuesday, 25 August 2015

All Of A Tingle

We were real touristy yesterday, basing our day around Seattle Center. the space cleared for the World Fair in 1992.  Actually we ended up afloat on Lake Union again, on board one of the Duck boats. They were built in WWII to land stuff on military ships but are now driven by crazy dudes.  Ours told us little known facts about the city.  I've been telling my US friends that R.E.M sound so much like they should be a Seattle band.  They're actually from Georgia and my friend John, who was brought up in a town nearby knows them well enough to them to greet him by name. But what do you know?  'Automatic for the People' was recorded in Bad Animals Studio downtown.  Now I knew that there was a connection to this city!

That was the first thing yesterday that sent a shiver down my spine but there was more!  I must have been particularly emotionally sensitive yesterday. I'm not sure what hit me but somehow I was incredibly moved to standing in the presence of the actual costumes from Star Wars at the EMP.   Of course, these are the habits of the Siths.

I stood less than a foot away from Woody Guthrie's guitar. This was not some fancy rock star custom made instrument but a plain old wooden thing with lots of evidence of wear and tear. Maybe it was the one that was used for busking on Seattle's streets.  I'm going to link here to my favourite Billy Bragg cover by this great songwriter.

Here's the fourth and final thing that sent me all of a flutter.  My passport has to be one of my most precious possessions because of the opportunities it affords.  But this is Jimi Hendrix's!  See all those stamps?  Now that's a guy who got around!

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  1. I'm really enjoying the trip posts, I hope you are having a marvellous time. R.E.M.made me cry, it always does but I love it anyway.