Saturday, 15 August 2015

And We're Off!

Yes! The mum/son A-team will be Vancouver bound at last in a few hours time. After a perusal of Wiki's page about the Mounties, strictly for serious research I'll have you know, I'm under strict instructions to bring back six. Our suitcases are expandable after all. One greedy person wants two to stand each side of her front door. Barbie Nurse thought it would be nice to have one to look at, galloping about on a horse in her garden.  Me?  Mine would be on duty, in his delightful dress uniform of course, to protect me from baddies. I'm sure he wouldn't mind making supper on those days that I feel too exhausted to do it myself.

There's been a few of those lately.  The last month has been hard graft on a number of counts with the house move and a work life that's got out of control.   Now why did I volunteer to act up and pretend to be boss as well as keeping going with my normal caseload?  The whirlwind culminated in a six and a half hour journey to our Gatwick hotel last night.  The A303 at the Devon border was closed due to an accident and all the usual bottlenecks were even more cloggy than usual.  Finally at 8:45pm I crawled out of the car and Louis was promptly sick on his Crocs.  Reinvigorated he started to chat for England and eat dinner with gusto.  I could only respond in a zombie like fashion.  The hotel is fine and the staff are very kind.  I can't say anymore than that as I've been too tired to take my surroundings in.

But good came out of sitting in all that stop-start traffic.  At one stage when we ground to a halt I had time to check my phone.  Lots of it.  Booking a whale watching tour at the last minute has been problematic but an email came in to say that if we were quick we could grab two of the three last remaining spaces on an open topped boat.  Due to our predicament, it was possible to reply pronto. So, yes!   As well as all the other lovely stuff we've got planned we're off to hunt for orcas on Wednesday!


  1. Mounties AND exciting! Enjoy yourselves (as if you needed telling).

  2. Have the most wonderful time, and watch out for those bears!

  3. Have the most amazing time and I am jealous. We loved it!

  4. Have a great time and I hope you waved if your route took you over Minnesota.

  5. hope you have the most amazing time