Saturday, 29 August 2015


Whilst I'm in the largely Internet free zone of Yellowstone I thought that I'd share  some pictures from that time a few days back when I was having difficulty downloading photos. They're reminders of moments spent with happy kids. Now in Pike Place Market there's a very famous fishmongers stall. Each time someone makes a purchase the stall holders throw the fish around and sing.  There's also a rubber monkfish on a wire.

My boy has a decidedly mischievous streak.  I admire that in him. He found the wire back here and had a lovely time startling unsuspecting tourists.  They'd come up close, that fake fish would flap and they'd start shrieking.  Lou found that hilarious.  I have to say that I did too.

There's all sorts in Pike Place: food stalls, souvenir shops, weird exhibits.  The kids didn't want to pass by the opportunity of seeing the shoe worn by Roberts Wadlow Pershing, the World's Tallest Man, ever.  He was killed by a blister on his ankle at the age of 22.  And there's a thing.  None of us really know what is around the corner for us, good or bad.
After Pike Place we walked along Seattle Waterfront.  It's fascinating. There's touristy stuff and wharf and jetties that  have an important role to play in keeping this huge  working port alive.

Our walk ended  at Seattle Center and the Space Needle. Yay!  The most iconic of Seattle's landmarks that we kept ending up at.   We never made it to the top as it's an expensive old trip and would probably have turned out to be a short stay.
And there was more!  The evening was spent at our very first baseball game watching our new favourite team, the Seattle Mariners getting well and truly trashed.  The best fireworks ever compensated for this!

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