Friday, 28 August 2015

Bees Hold It In!

Catch up time!  Seeing as I might be out of e-contact with the world whilst in the pristine wilderness of Yellowstone I thought I'd schedule some posts ahead.  Here's a little pictorial tour of our trip to Science World from the first day of exploring Vancouver.  It had to be the best interactive museum that we've ever been to.  The people that run the place have a similar fascination to all things lavatorial to my one. There's poo and fart fact on the loo doors in the wash rooms.  And we came across this sign near the bee exhibit.  For a tiny creature their turds are enormous.  They must be suffering  severe abdominal pain by the time that they make it outside to powder their little noses on a sunny day.

'Ultimate Dinosaurs' is one of the temporary exhibitions running at the moment. Here's my kid next to a enormous leg of one of the beasties. His zombie like expression is down to my bad photography rather than being fearful.   I think he was rather too nonchalant.  'It's okay - this one was a vegetarian' he said. Bejesus!  If that thing had stepped on you!

Here's a rather toothier exhibit. The Gigantosaurus with an eery green glow.  As well as dinosaurs we also watched the Hidden Universe, an gobsmackingly amazing IMAX movie with incredible footage from the world's most powerful space telescopes and the story of how these images are taken.  In my next life I want to be a space scientist.

There's lots of hands on stuff to do at this place.  I was too busy playing to take loads of photos.  My better judgement must have been working just fine when I decided to forego the challenge of fitting into this small space even though I'm a bit double jointed.  Oh the indignity of having to be prised out!

A moment of peaceful reflection.  Until 14 September there's an exhibition of work by Norah Borden called Planet Earth.  I was bowled over by the beauty of these acrylic paintings.  Texturally they're wonderful and so evocative of the natural world.  Norah invites people to take a selfie with her work and post it to Twitter.  Here's mine.  Now you'll have to follow the link to Norah's website to look at this one properly.  Someone's head seems to be right in the way!


  1. That and the aquarium were two of the places we went with A- both terrific!

  2. That is a lovely photo of you. I love when artists, musicians performers, create interactive ways for viewers to be participants, in ways that do not ruin the experience for others.