Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Brace Yourself Rodney

If you plan a holiday down to every minute you miss up opportunities to be spontaneous and perhaps discover something unexpected. 'You must see Chihuly Garden and Glass' messaged my East Coast friend the Second Martha Stewart.  That was not on my original 'To Do' list for Seattle but I'm so glad that we saw this inspiring attraction.

Dean Chihuly started out as a glass blower in his own right.  Now he has a team of people doing the hard work with hot air.  I was particularly taken by the chandeliers.  They were huge and would touch the floor in my home.  I watched a video of them being assembled and, being arty and highbrow, couldn't help thinking of that most memorable scene from Only Fools and Horses.  Thankfully nothing untoward happened even though people were throwing bits of blown glass around in a rather alarming manner.

I've chosen my favourite snow white exhibit but this doesn't really reflect the overall vibrancy of the amazing installations.  The colours were technicolour and truly stunning.


  1. Del and Rodney... you have to love them.

  2. That coloured glass is exquisite. The crashing chandelier, ha ha.

  3. Gorgeous! Reminds me of the art glass installation in the lobby of the V&A.