Thursday, 20 August 2015

I Am The One In Six

Today's whale watching excursion didn't pan out. The weather here has been stunning so I thought it was a dead cert.  But what do I know? I'm no meteorologist  Our trip was cancelled because of very choppy seas.  Apparently that's the way it is around here.  If it's fine inland it often blows a hoolie out on the ocean.  So a quick change of plan had us visiting the Museum of Vancouver
where 'The Happy Show' is on until the 7th September.  I reckon fate worked it out that we should see this contemplative and engaging piece of work.  The same thing happened in Barcelona when the Sagrada Familia was too full to visit and we ended up at Miro's pad. I'm so glad we caught the exhibition that chronicles Stefan Sagmeister's search for personal happiness.

On reflection, it seems I'm doing okay in the jolly stakes. Yes, I am in the minority the 15.5% of divorced women, just under 1 in 6, who would describe themselves as very chipper.  Louis and I both scored 9/10 on the bubblegum rating scale.   He has saved his smiley gumball that this exhibit dispensed for his friend Ava who he'll be reunited with in Seattle tomorrow after four years.
This was one of a large number of great interactive pieces.  It lit up in proportion to your smiliness. So what's the secret to our cheesy grins? Louis thinks it's knowing that you're loved.   I reckon that's a pretty good answer.  The capacity for gratitude, being content with what you have and finding wonder on a daily basis have got to contribute too.  Something about flexibility was mentioned during the show, like not being too disappointed when what the planned highspot of your holiday is cancelled due to bad weather.

Here's one I worked out a few years back...the hard way! Maybe there's no bigger torment than living a lie.  Didn't some beardy bloke say that the truth would set you free?

Enough of that navel gazing stuff. Let's get onto the simple pleasures in life.  Here's three of my four yummy sample sized offerings from the Granville Island Brewery Company who make their beer on the premises.  The Maple Shack Cream Ale slipped down especially nicely.  Lou had an artisan Cream Soda.  He prefers Sprite!  I haven't been drinking much alcohol here.  In British Columbia you have to go to a naughty shop to get it.  Somehow traipsing into a liquor store with a kid, rather than dumping it in your trolley with a supermarket shop, just doesn't feel quite right. Thirsty Buddha coconut water has been my righteous tipple of choice.

What's sort of nice about Granville Island is that there's some proper industry going on, not just artisan food and craft shops catering for tourists. There's lots of boatbuilding and a cement company.  These dudes live in their yard.

Finally back to the Museum of Vancouver.  I was rather taken by this  beautiful track by Siskiyou, a Vancouver band that was playing in the background during the exhibition.  Rather melancholic but perhaps we need the contrast of wounds that never quite heal and happiness that is not quite complete.


  1. Im curious how the bubblegum meter worked. Did Louis get 1 gumball because he was 9 of 10? Would a sad sort get a whole handful? Museums fill holes in any botched vacation plans.

    1. Hi Sam -the gum ball machines were a self rating scale. You took one from the machine that corresponded to your scorre. I found out yesterday evening that Louis took six - some from the 10/10. He said that he got happier as they was, free candy!

  2. Thank you for the snapshots of your beautiful holiday you have found some wonderful places. Love the music from the museum, I think I'll go back and have another listen!
    Julie x.

    1. Glad you like it. I was listening over and over again yesterday evening.too