Monday, 17 August 2015

Just Right For the Walls of a Brixham Home

What a brilliant day in Vancouver! A few days worth of posts at least. Louis and I popped over the road from our apartment to the ferry stop on False Creek and bought a day pass for the Vancouver Aquabus, a fleet of cutesy coloured ferries that run up and down the waterway. First stop Granville Island, home to an amazing food and craft market where we met this man. Paul hails from London and isn't half as grumpy as he seems in this photo.  I must have forgotten to say cheese!  In fact he's a very chatty guy.  He's part of a husband-wife team of printmakers, KT and Paul who use screen print as their medium.  Their work is gorgeous.

Now I'm not really a spend spend spend kind of girl but I'd decided before our trip that I was going to buy  a couple of mementos of this special trip. There's a shopping list. I want a silver ring to adorn my right hand pinky and a picture for the wall of our new house as we have a lot of bare space to brighten up.  So it seemed rather a good idea to boost the coffers of fellow printmakers and I bought this.

The beautifully composed limited edition 'Ship and the Whale', will grace the walls of a seaside home rather nicely. Even though  I've never seen an orca in Devon waters someone claims to.  But that boat certainly looks a bit familiar.  It's reminded me of the replica Golden Hind that sits in Brixham Harbour!


  1. That's a very nice picture, I like it. Very seasidey

  2. I can see the beginnings of a collection.

    1. Maybe and at last I have somewhere that I can hang my own work too.