Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Making Time for Mockingbird

Looksie here what I picked up from the library yesterday. Lord knows when I'll have time to read it but make some I shall.   It seemed a good idea to revisit a favourite piece of fiction before I knuckle down to Go Set a Watchman, its newly published sequel.  It's all very exciting but then I can be easily pleased.

The film version of To Kill A Mockingbird is about the only cinematic adaptation of a novel that I've  ever approved of. Take that back.  The movies of Annie Proulx's Shipping News and Brokeback Mountain are okay as well.  I love the moodiness of Mockingbird's cinematography and the characters are just right.  As a self confessed tomboy it's obvious that Scout is a favourite in print and on screen.

It remembered the other day that we had our own Boo Radley in Southend-on-Sea.  I, along with the other kids that used to walk to school decided that there was something strange about an old guy living in a rather dilapidated house on the way.  I might have been the instigator of that one.  We used to sneak around in his front garden and try to see what was going on behind the undergrowth.    I'm a bit ashamed now.  It might be construed as harassment these days!


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  2. I have never read this book; my English teacher ruined it for me! It was one of the set books for O level and she told us to read it in the summer holidays before our O level year. I was so incensed at such an outrageous tresspass on my holiday that I didn't read it, knowing that in the exam, we could choose to be examined on 4 of the 5 texts we had studied; so Mockingbird got the chop. We still had essays set on it and I gleaned enough from class discussions and a quick dip into the book here and there. I got lower marks than usual; I expect she guessed but neither of us let on. I did pass!

  3. I re-read Mockingbird in April and bought Watchman last week but can't bring myself to read it just yet...