Monday, 10 August 2015

Out of Each Others Pockets

Arse!   Remember that I was trying to get Louis attic' room ready for his arrival yesterday?  Well it all went tits up.  I painted the chimney breast wall so that there'd be a bit of a feature thang going on and then carefully used masking tape so I'd get clearly defined edges.  After all I am a decorator's daughter and like a nice paint job.  However when I came to remove the stuff, it pulled off the wallpaper that I'd covered over.  I'm going to have to do the whole thing again. Bah! It can wait until we get back from holiday now.  I ache from head to toe with all the effort of the last week or so.

Moving from the motorhome into a house didn't seem strange until my son joined me.  We're used to being in close proximity to each other.  But now it's all changed. Even though the decorating has gone pear shaped Louis loves his room in the clouds and has spent most of the time that we've been at home lounging around on his new bed.   We went into town together for an ice cream and to buy crabbing supplies, essential equipment for kids around here.  But other than that  I've hardly seen him.  It seems very odd and will take a bit of getting used to.

I was invited upstairs this evening though.  There were some big thudding noises and I thought that we were being burgled.  But no it was fireworks! We stood on the bed and peeped out of the dormer window out to sea.  What a great view and a lovely first night memory for Louis in his new home.


  1. A lot of firework displays here last night. We didn't go, on account of having 'lunched' until late. I'm still suffering this morning.

  2. I'm glad that you are starting to settle into your new home. Jx

  3. That is a splendid memory for Louis in his new domain. x

  4. There are always a lot of firework displays around the Bay. We can sometimes see them from our upstairs bathroom window (if we stand on the loo seat and crane our necks out of the Velux window!)
    Pity you have to re-do the paint jobbie, but painting over wallpaper is usually a no-no; perhaps there was a reason, other then "I know it should come off, but it might look OK ..." for you not taking the wallpaper off, smoothing down the surface and giving it two coats of paint?
    Margaret P