Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reminder to Self

My to do list has reached gargantuan proportions....and that's without the usual studying.  Knocking over half a tin of white vinyl silk on a carpet yesterday didn't help. There's a right royal mess that's slowly being cleared up with the help of my entire towel collection and the washing machine on the go all the time.  As if I didn't have enough to do.  Quotes to move that pile of debris in the  garden have been eye watering three figure sums. Unless a knight in shining armour who charges reasonable rates comes along I'll be putting the trusty Citigo to work after my holiday.  The tip is on the way to work.  My dream of a pristine car that's not filled with rubbish is something else that's on the back burner too.

Anyway when I do get the time to live my dream of wandering around on the beaches close to my home I'll be doing a bit of beachcombing.  It's one of my favourite pastimes.  I need to remember to make one of these driftwood trees, a big one to go on the chest of drawers in my bedroom.  I'll bedeck it with lights and homemade frippery to bring colour and interest to a predominantly white space.  For anyone who wants to crack on and make their own version the instructions are here.


  1. We once dropped a tin of white gloss down the stair carpet - it was an absolute disaster! Would a skip be cheaper than a man and van?

    1. No they're expensive too! Think it may be the charges, for commercial rubbish that bring up the cost x

  2. Your tree project is gorgeous! Made me think ahead a couple of months....