Friday, 21 August 2015

Small Space Vancouver

We're now in the US, at the home of our friends, John,  eleven year old Ava and their Dutch au pair Stephanie.  'We're keeping her' said Ava.   I can see why. She is lovely.  Oh I forgot to mention Jules.  I was so surprised to see him.  I first met him fifteen years  years ago when his owner, my friend Lori was still alive and he was a  one year old whippersnapper.  He was then known as the devil cat.  If you nipped to the loo in the night he'd pounce, attach himself to your leg and sink his teeth in.  I quickly learnt strong bladder control at a consequence.  In old age he has mellowed and now butter wouldn't melt.  This big ginger beastie likes nothing better than to laze aroud and be stroked.  He purrs for England, or is that America?

The house  has stunning views over the water of Puget Sound out towards Bainbridge and Baker Islands.  From the deck I've watched the ferries, sailing boats and big cargo ships come and go .  John had friends over last night for a barbecue.  The kids played hide and seek and then hunkered down in the basement TV den.  It seems a love of screen time is universal among the small set.    I haven't taken a single picture yet.    Sometimes it is good to savour time without the hindrance of preserving them photographically.  We were talking about that at one point last night.

Anyway I promised shots of the swanky  Airbnb studio in Vancouver that we left yesterday so here they are.  It was an excellent example of how, with clever design a small space can seem plenty big enough.  We couldn't have wished for more perfect base from which to explore that amazing city.  This is Louis adopting rather a swanky playboy pose in  the main living area.  With a bit of clever leverage that coffee table  can seat six for dinner. Seats are stowed away in a clever storage cube. 

Our bed folded up into the wall and behind those mirrors were big cupboards.

The kitchen seemed tiny but yet there was a full sized fridge freezer, oven, fridge and washing machine.

No shower room to save space here.  A proper bathroom with a full sized tub.  On the aquatic front there was also a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi on the second floor.  We made use of that but didn't touch the gym.  I think that we did enough exercise outside.

And of course  that view over False Creek to die for. Little living accommodation needs lots of light and scenery that makes up for lack of wall space to hang pictures.

Finally I've popped in a random picture of Louis.  Before we came on holiday I promised him T-shirts from Canada and the US.  Here's the one he customised at the rather excellent Make shop on Granville Island.  It's going to be pretty hard to get it off him to wash!


  1. I understand the willpower it takes to not photograph everything. sometime the photographs are better in our memory, than with a bunch of folks lined up after the activity. This is an annoyance in my external family-no event can be complete without lining everyone up and getting a group picture. Small space living at its finest in that studio.

  2. I wouldn't want to be a mouse with Jules around. He looks like a serious hunter!

  3. There was a picture in the paper yesterday of people lining the streets as Cilla's coffin passed by. Nearly everyone was holding up a camera/phone. To prove they were there? Will they remember the actual event or just the photo on a screen? On another blog that I read, Dave took his family to London……there was a foreign tourist next to them as they watched soldiers on horseback riding by. The tourist made his young daughter turn her back to the parade and proceeded to film it with her in the foreground. She never saw a thing apparently, but Dave was giving a commentary about how ridiculous it was, that they will hear when they watch it back!! Great apartment . Have a lovely weekend. Sunshine and hot here today, but rain on the way for tomorrow.