Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Suspense, Steam and Ice Cream

In her comment the other day 50 and counting said that I wouldn't find a mountie in Vancouver city itself.  Those cops we spotted heading on over to an ATM machine were not the real article then? We had to head on over to North Vancouver to find the real McCoy.  And here he is.  Guarding the gift shop at the Capilano Suspension Bridge!

And here's the famous structure itself.  Do not run, jump or shake the bridge intentionally were the instructions.  Even crossing with care was very wibbly.  We are glad that we arrived early in the day.  On our return crossing I marvelled at the number of people that it could hold.

I was also blown away by the size of those Douglas Firs.  This was taken high up on a tree top walk and their height from there was at least the size of two normal trees.  There are special Douglas Squirrels that live in them too. I spotted one as it ran across the ground just feet from my feet!

A Douglas Fir fact: A twelve year old tree is about the same height as twelve year old Louis.  Then I guess it has an even bigger growth spurt than a teenager.

After  Capilano we came down to earth and caught the free shuttle bus back to Canada Square.  In nearby Gastown we spotted the steam clock,  a kind of time piece and kettle combo.

Those  shuttle bus drivers were really knowledgeable.  On the way out of Capilano we were shown the location of Bella Gelateria.  Its ice cream has been a winner at the gelato world championship in Italy. There was a big queue at their city centre branch but a stone's throw from our Yaletown base there is another newer and less frequented parlour on the waterfront.  'The best vanilla ice cream ever' for Louis and mine was pretty lush as well, flavoured with a familiar ingredient - Maldon seasalt  from my native Essex!


  1. We've got photos of that clock too. Glad to see you're having a fab time!

  2. Sounds like a good day out…not sure about salty ice cream, but then I wasn't sure about salted caramel either, but I love it. Never salty enough!

  3. Yup, when my children were small and we'd go "home" to visit relatives, I had to explain that City policemen had blue stripes on their trouser legs. Uncle who is in the RCMP had a yellow stripe. They wouldn't believe me that police men could have blue stripes.

    Make sure you make it Queen Elizabeth Park and the Planetarium (even if only to take pictures of the big crab sculpture)

    1. Don't think we'll make it this time. Our trip is too short. We'll be back though! x