Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Deadliest Little Catch

What has been brilliant about this holiday so far is the sheer variety of what we've done; cycling one day, sightseeing another, messing about on ferry boats.  Yesterday we were invited out sailing in Puget Sound by Stephanie's boyfriend.  An itinerary was planned.  We'd head on over from the marina on Seattle's edge to one of those islands that we could see from the house, pick up crab pots put out the night before and then sail through Ballard Lock's back onto Union Lnke Marina.  Here's a suitably yachty shot of our craft on its way out to Baker Island,

Ah! the jetty where we landed.  Our skipper and first mate stayed on the boat whilst we explored the island.  We missed the drama of a powerboat crashing into the jetty at full pelt.

Instead we explored the island.  I was promised raccoons aplenty but didn't see any to add to the day's wildlife tally of a couple of seals.  I did spot some deer and a little monkey in a tree.  Later in the trip there was a porpoise, leaping salmon and a bald eagle being given a hard time by some seagulls.

We fired up the barbie on the back of the boat on our return to shore

The first crab pot that we lifted was very disappointing.  The trap was open and the bait gone.  Robbers perhaps or Houdini crab.  Here's Kyle with the second pot he lifted with the 'help' of the kids.
Success!  Six of the beasties.  All male of the Dungeness variety.  Th  I learnt how to sex a crab. It's easy. The boys have a drawing of a willy on their underside!  The girls would have been thrown back to live another day.  Apparently the success of our catch was down to the turkey bait.

Wow! Louis got brave.

Back to berth through the Ballard Locks.  They're huge but take no time to fill.  We were then on Union Lake right in the heart of the city with its houseboats and sea planes flying overhead.  I have pictures of those but my composition was nothing to write home about.   That sea air made us hungry.  It was back to the house with our catch for a glorious crabby supper!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day; especially with those crabs.

  2. What a wonderful time you are having! So happy for you...

    1. Thanks! It couldn't have turned out much better.

  3. Really a monkey in a tree?

    Jealous of the crab supper, aren't they the most delicious things to eat?