Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Hens With Birdman

Spiky Kate got married, I think that it was in May. 2015 is her year and she's doing things in a really random order.  Yesterday was her hen night. First off we went to a posh wine bar in the Royal William Yard in Plymouth for drinkies and nibbles    I met SK's mum for the first time.  It seemed that she knew all about me. Then we piled in a taxi and headed off to Beryl Cook's favourite haunt, the Dolphin on the historic Barbican.

Now I love this place. It's a boozer at its best.  A mixture of all ages having fun and getting along just fine.  The local celebrity Birdman joined our party.   Here's the bride with him. 'Who????' most of you will be saying. 'He's hardly Brad Pitt is he?'  Let me tell you that in Plymouth this lovely guy who sings and dances all over the place has enormous celebrity status.  There's even a Facebook page campaigning for him to turn on the city's Christmas lights.  I think he'd like that!


  1. I remember a Bognor Birdman who attempted to fly from the end of the Pier. Is that the same one?

    1. No this one flaps his arms and warbles. He's very funny.